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Krys Kramer - Artist

The following is our first attempt at a web site so please
be patient while we get it going...

Krysink has been the combination of Krys Inc. and Ink
from around 15 years ago.

Krys is a full time mother and artist and shares a passion with her children for
Art and all things creative.  Between music, painting and drawing, she truly lives
in a renaissance house.

Krys has been painting and drawing for 30 years and works primarily in acrylic
paint, watercolor, pastels, colored pencils and markers.  She has an
abundance of availability of art materials since her husband works for Blick Art
Materials as the National Sales Manager.  Questions about art techniques
should be directed to Krys.  Questions about Art Materials should be directed
towards David.

If you would like to buy or commission a painting, please send an email to

All materials are copyrighted by Krysink 2005.